Armani Fragrances Acqua di Gio Holiday

During the key holiday timeframe, PITCH worked with our media and client partners to bring the first, wrist-applied scent kiosk to US malls. Acqui di Gio was able to be sprayed directly onto a shopper's wrist without the need for costly scent cards, sticks or vials. This innovative scenting technique eliminated any waste and helped enhance the shopping experience for thousands of busy holiday shoppers. The program was executed in 13 key malls across 6 DMA’s including; Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., San Francisco and Tampa. Kiosks were strategically positioned throughout the main corridors of the malls and in close proximity to premium distribution points.



The program delivered an unprecedented level of shopper engagements; more than double that seen in similar programs overseas. After 5 weeks, Armani garnered 202,861 total scent engagements, with the average weekly interactions per mall being 3,121.