Service King Collision & Traffic Targeted OOH

By embracing the very latest software technology in conjunction with real-time Inrix traffic data, OOH PITCH and its partner agencies together developed an innovative media campaign that correlated directly with real-time traffic conditions. The result was a hyper-targeted message allowing Service King to display its ads only at times of heavy traffic or when there was a collision within close proximity of the displays (proximity was defined as within 0.25 to 3 miles, depending on market). OOH PITCH created a network of boards all located within 10 miles of a Service King location in order to keep the messaging relevant within the markets and help drive traffic.




Prior to the OOH campaign, there was a Service King search campaign running that was already had in place. After the first week of running the traffic triggered ads, the agency noticed a significant increase in performance of their paid search campaign, signaling that the OOH digital boards were further driving awareness of the Service King brand. The click-through-rates for the markets running traffic triggered outdoor increased significantly compared to before the campaign started.