T-Mobile Summer of Upgrades

To support the T-Mobile Summer of Upgrades Messaging & the Free Calling to Mexico and Canada announcement PITCH and T-Mobile sought out to alert travellers of incentives and new promotions that are offered on the T-Mobile network. PITCH secured all available WiFi across select major airports where WiFi sponsorship is available. These secured sessions allowed for travellers to receive a free WiFi session courtesy of T-Mobile. Airports targeted were located in major T-Mobile markets and operated a large amount of flights to and from Canada & Mexico. T-Mobile messaging reached consumers as they logged on to the WiFi portal through a mix of static and digital elements.



Over 2.1 million sessions were delivered to Wi-Fi users across the 7 airports “un-leashed” by T-Mobile. After viewing the advertisement, 13.24% users were directed to the T-Mobile website, surpassing the performance of our 5-10% benchmark. An ad effectiveness survey revealed a 9% increase in brand favorability (over 50% of the exposed group responded positively!) and a 66% increase in message recall, performing 2x better than the average 33% benchmark.