T-Mobile Chicago Free Ride

To combat competitor messaging in the telecom industry, PITCH and T-Mobile partnered with Chicago’s bike share system (Divvy) to sponsor the first “Free Ride” program ever executed across the Chicago Market. Through the program, consumers were offered free rides courtesy of T-Mobile by interacting with Divvy kiosks located throughout the city. Named “Free Ride Day”, the multi-weekend event was promoted across the city through a combination of out of home as well as digital placements. This allowed messaging to reach consumers who have never used the Divvy bike system before, as well as strong Divvy advocates so they could spread the word to friends and family.




The story of T-Mobile’s “Free Ride Days” was picked up by the press, shared by Divvy members and supported, and discussed online by regular Chicagoans. In a short time, the web page that Divvy created for the campaign was visited by 10,000 people looking for more information. Each weekend, thousands of people took Divvy trips (combination of promotional riders and member rides (those who already had paid for a membership and were not eligible for the promotion)). A total of 52,404 rides were taken across the three Saturdays (66% of rides were utilizing the free ride codes)!